Thursday, March 23, 2006

Advanced Diagnostics

You are having a problem with a new VPN connection you are trying to make. You just know you can do this yourself, you just need a little more information from your firebox logs. But they are not showing you the information you need.
Do I really need to open a new incident for this?


Open your "Fireware Policy Manager" and goto --> Setup --> Logging... --> Click on the "Advanced Diagnostics" button and select the VPN category and set the settings slider to High. Now save your new configuration and take a look at your logs now filling them selfs with detailed VPN configuration information.

Oooooohhh.... I'm using MD5 and the other end is using SHA1. You edit your VPN to use SHA1 and the VPN connection comes up.
Jhheeeehaaaiii. I Rule. Your colleagues are looking at you, thinking you have gone insane. But you know better. You know you are going to be the Geek that shall inherit the earth. :o)

Monday, March 06, 2006

GAV & ClamAV

Do you have a virus that is not blocked by GAV.
On the ClamAV website ( you can submit your sample ( so one of the 'virus database maintainers' of the ClamAV project can make a anti-virus for it.
The great benefit of submitting your sample to ClamAV is that you help out your fellow GAV/ClamAV users by doing so.